Friday, May 3, 2013

le weekend

Happy Friday everyone! I've had a busy week and will be volunteering at the Gallery's conservation studio today. The surprising warm weather means I'll get to eat lunch outside today and soak in some rays :) I have some disappointing news: I'll be taking another break from blogging - likely, for the remainder of the month - to focus on my career in fine art conservation. The break will mainly focus on preparing for a presentation I'm giving at an international conference at the end of May. Work is definitely going to be picking up with interns coming for the summer, more job applications, volunteering, and I received a new painting to fix (yay!). My main summer research project involves updating a workshop that hasn't been given in over a decade, so that alone will be a lot of work and reading. Don't fret, I'll still be on social media and you can always view what I'm wearing via my instagram account (which you can still see through a web browser, if you don't have an iPhone or the instagram app). 

Hope everyone gets a chance to spend more time outdoors this month! Stay stylish!



  1. That's an excellent quote! Good luck during your blog-break! :)

  2. Aaah, I'm going to miss your posts Tasia. Hope all your work projects go well for you. I'll be in touch via Twitter!!
    Have a wonderful weekend Hun xoxo

  3. Have fun while doing it. It's always important to focus on your career and I wish you the best.


  4. I hope that this break from blogging world will bring you the desired results in your career. Sometimes we just have to put priorities. :)

  5. Love that quote! Sounds like you'll be a busy bee!! Good luck with all your projects!


  6. :sigh: I guess I'll have to go through past postings since you'll be busy making a career for yourself. Bonne chance mon amie ;)! We will miss you and your beautiful posts!!!

  7. We'll miss you! But i'm glad to hear about all the new things that are happening in your life right now:) Good luck on your presentation and updating the workshop!

  8. It's sad to hear that you'll take a break from blogging but I totally understand you. Sometimes there are more important things to focus on. I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything turns out how you want it and looking forward to read a new post in a few weeks :-)Until then I'm happy to see your outfits on instagram. It's always inspiring :-)

  9. It's tough balancing work and blogging, isn't it? Your profession sounds so interesting, though! Can't wait for your return. :)

  10. Ahhh, I love this quote! :) Sometimes it gets tough to find a balance between a career (IRL) and blogging. I'm going to have a crazy week too. Hope you get back soon :)


    Sandra @ Blasfemmes

  11. You will be missed, but it's a needed break I'm sure. Best of luck with your presentation! I am sure your work is extremely interesting sometimes. And I love that quote, by the way. See you later, girly!

    May the force be with you.

  12. I absolutely love that quote.


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